Web Developer

Senior position
  • Full-time
  • Flexible
  • Brussels
  • Walloon-Brabant

Job Description

We recently won a significant funding from the EU for a project that will bring our impact to a much bigger scale thanks to softwares and tech solutions. These softwares and solutions will allow anyone to obtain information regarding pollution and biodiversity, evaluate risks and act accordingly. They will leverage multiple sets of data and include innovation (AI, computer vision, etc).

We are expanding our development team (currently two people) to tackle this project and are looking for Senior Web Developers to join us (along with a Data Scientist we are also hiring).


What we expect you to do: Help us develop and expand the above-mentioned solutions, which means:

  • Integrating data from multiple sources – from spatial information to species level data using Python

  • Feeding them to a PostgreSQL + PostGis database

  • Develop the logic to for example:

  • Get information about features around a given site

  • compute risk index and expose them as an API using Django & DRF

  • Create front ends using the data in React and Tailwind

  • Deploy and manage apps on Azure (no sysadmin here so we use managed instances and a couple of GitHub actions to deploy)

We also want you to take part in technical and products decisions and make sure our application can be maintained efficiently.

How we work:

  • We work closely with our sales teams, customers and bioengineer colleagues, reacting to change when needed
  • We favor short development cycles (a few days to a few weeks)
  • We tend to work “end to end” on features
  • We think that a short demo or experiment is often better than a lengthy debate to make decisions
  • We see technical solutions as a mean to an end – delivering value to our users
  • We help and support each other and want to succeed as a team


  • English


  • Long term, employee position
  • Market level remuneration (we're profitable and go EU funding)
  • Minimal hassle (flat hierarchy, collaboration oriented teams)
  • Office in Brussels (Delta) and Nivelles with remote options
  • Opportunity to make an impact on biodiversity through your work

Interview process

What we look for:

  • Some years of experience in Web Development, preferably with Python or Django
  • An experience with software products in production – giving support, identifying and solving bugs
  • A positive, pragmatic approach to problems and a willingness to make tradeoffs
  • An ambition to learn and share your experience


  • We'll review the applications and select 3 to 5 for the interview
  • Martin (our CTO) will conduct the interview, mostly about your experience, the project/teams you've worked with and how you approach problems (no whiteboard coding or similar shenanigans)
  • Selected candidates will meet our founders Michael and Kim, then we'll send you an offer
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