Frontend Developer

Medior position
  • Full-time
  • Flexible
  • East-Flanders

Job Description

We're looking for a Medior Frontend Developer, fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript - be it native or through frameworks like Vue, Angular, ... Code d'Or uses Laravel quite often as a development framework, any experience there is definitely a plus.

You're used to collaborating with colleagues, as we work in fixed team constellations: one day you help out, another day you'll get help, as needed. You communicate in an open way about time estimates, blockers, opportunities, towards colleagues like Project Managers, Developers, Designers, Prototypers, Marketeers, ... and make sure your voice is heard.


You' responsible for writing clean code, that is W3C- and WCAG-compliant and renders quickly in the browser, with the necessary fallbacks should that be required. Frontend codebases are your expertise, and you watch over them as to make sure your code integrates with backend data, prototype flows, web designs, marketing conversions, digital strategy and ... timelines.

You communicate daily with project managers and product owners, to make sure we're all aligned, and we stay aligned.


  • Dutch
  • English


  • 39h/week results in 6 holidays
  • pension plan
  • hospital plan
  • meal vouchers - 8 euro
  • non-recurring bonus plan on a yearly basis
  • telephone and internet subscription
  • career coaching, regular training
  • yearly budget for training
  • build-your-own-project on Friday afternoons

Salary range

Between 2400 - €3000 gross per month

Interview process

We're looking forward to your resume and motivation letter, why you'd like to work at Code d'Or. We'll invite you for a first chat, to see whether we match - founders are often present at intake, along with HR. If we see a fit and you feel the same way, we set up a presentation moment where you present a project of your own choice. Multiple people and roles will be present, count on about 5-6 potential colleagues that will ask questions. Inversely, of course, you can ask questions as well!

We want you to feel home as of day one, and therefore, the whole group of people present will take your application into account, and we'll vote whether to take you on board. If more than one attendee votes down, we will not continue the process and be open about it: only one negative vote is allowed. We always want a new hire to be a positive choice, and as of that moment, the people attending your presentation will take care of you in your first days, and later on.

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