Backend Engineer

Medior position
  • Full-time
  • Flexible
  • Brussels

Job Description

We’re looking for a Medior Backend Developer with a good experience in PostgresSQL, NodeJS and/or Kafka. We offer competitive conditions, and the opportunity to work remotely in an open and transparent environment.

Our stack is made of a swarm of NodeJS containers, structured using our homemade Ingestion Framework. The data is fetched inside dedicated connectors, cleaned and enriched before ending up in a centralized Postgres database. The whole process is orchestrated by Kafka, and runs in a Kubernetes cluster. The database then feeds our routing engine and GraphQL API.

The main challenges we face for 2023 and reasons why we are recruiting a backend developer for are:

  • Realisation of our extended and ambitious roadmap for 2023 (and beyond).
  • Stabilizing and cleaning the whole codebase, as we want to scale our solution from an R&D one to something prod-grade (100mio+ monthly incoming requests expected, starting in January 2023).
  • Improving the speed of ingestion, despite the fact we’re handling millions of records across a few hundred tables.
  • Accelerating our R&D in the field of delay predictions and natural language processing.


As a Medior Backend Developer, you will:

  • Participate in architectural decisions and propose technical solutions that BMC will use for years to come.
  • Work hand-in-hand with our CTO and Lead Engineer to accelerate developments and implement first-class user experiences.
  • Write clear documentation so that other engineers can jump in and get things done.
  • Drive ongoing efficiency and reliability improvements through design and automation: availability, performance, scaling, monitoring and capacity.
  • Write lots of JS. Like, for real.


  • French
  • English


What we offer you:

  • Become a key employee in an established, fast-growing and ambitious Mobility company and have a meaningful impact on its destiny.
  • Work in an open and transparent environment, with its share of fun too!
  • A lot of freedom in organizing your work (remote and/or asynchronous work is encouraged).
  • A competitive salary package, alongside nice complementary perks (laptop, mobile subscription, DKV insurance, mobility allocation, meal voucher).

Salary range

Between 3000 - €5000 gross per month

Interview process

  • Step 1: Screening of the candidacies to validate the minimum requirements.
  • Step 2: Get to know via a quick 1h test, including soft and hard skill questions.
  • Step 3: Interview with COO to talk about our company's goal and value, and get to know the candidates.
  • Step 4: Debriefing of the test & interview with our CTO and Lead Engineer to assess the candidate's skillset.
  • Step 5: Last debriefing interview to settle all the details in.
  • Step 6: Welcome on board!

Apply before 15 mrt 2023

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