AI Engineer

Internship position
  • Internship
  • Flexible
  • Flemish Brabant

Job Description

What your internship will look like

  • We are looking for someone who is interested in state of the art AI research
  • We like a practical mindset. Deliver often and integrate your work with a real application!
  • Work with a team of developers to get your work into a real usable application You will work on a system to plan out transportation of patients based on the routes of volunteers. Be prepared to adjust your work based on end user feedback
  • We’re looking for someone who has good communication skills and prefers to work in a multidisciplinary team


We’re looking for somebody that is ready to take the leap. Oh, and if you meet these requirements, our door is open:

  • Fluency in Dutch or English
  • A bit of experience with AI (internships, student job, or side projects)
  • Great teamplayer


  • English
  • Dutch
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